Evelyn Depew was born in the Catskill Highlands in the late 1920s. She was the daughter of Rea and Sam McClurg and loving sister of Dorothy and Sam her only siblings.  For generations, her family kept folktales and fables alive through word of mouth passing them from grandmother to grandchild since her families arrival to the New World in 1621 aboard the Ship Fortune which landed on Plymouth Rock.  Over the years, her unique storytelling dovetailed with cooking which inspired her grandson, RD Vincent to write the series into a fabled town called Donbridge.  Evelyn was beloved by all and was a fantastic conversationalist. It was said you could start a conversation with her at breakfast and still have time to finish lunch and begin cooking dinner before the conversations ended.  Evelyn lived a full life ever building a life of advice and knowledge that traversed four living generations.  Her favorite quote: "If you believe, truly believe, then you can move mountains".  Evelyn left the world in October of 2016 but her memory along with her history is preserved forever in the Donbridge Series where she lives on.  

Grandma's Story